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Mr Meneely holds a BA in European Business Studies and a Maitrise d’Echanges Internationaux (Masters Degree in International Trade).    For over twenty years, he has been developing software tools and applications for business large and small. Mr Meneely has a broad developer experience with applications in the fields of global finance and budgeting, commercial/retail property management, and just in time proximity-based booking services and mapping.  Most of these standalone systems were developed as ground up custom solutions for clients in the UK and EU.

Mr Meneely excels in complex multi-faceted database development and is highly skilled with MSSQL, amongst others.  He brings extensive experience with cloud-based applications designed for multi-user interactive engagement.  In addition to operating with an agile development methodology, he provides full stack programming solutions and is highly proficient in both client and server-side development.

Recently, following extensive research into the latest reactive JavaScript platforms (React, Angular, Vue), Simon has developed an open, accessible, and scalable coding framework using Vue.js, associated technologies (Quasar Platform) enabling fast deployment to Windows, Mac, iOS, Android from one codebase.

Mr Meneely and Mr O’Tiarnaigh combined their overlapping skill sets ten years ago to tackle the challenge of a multiple currency financial and job management information system for a multinational production company. This system remains in use today in many countries throughout the world and continues to address fluctuating currency values whilst providing detailed day to day running of each office as well as an accurate bottom line at a macro level to the board.  It was the development of this system which forged the developmental relationship of this team.

For last two years the O’Tiarnaigh/Meneely team have engaged HDL Apomics to develop scientific software applications designed to deconvolute the complicated data relationship of Omics research.   They combine their adept problem-solving skills and expert informatic knowledge to challenge the existing perspective in the field of protein-protein interactions and approach the problem in a manner that is unconstrained by historical or pre-defined methods resulting in a hybrid data system combining Jason and MSSQL.

Prior to his work with Altomics Datamation, Simon designed and developed a programming application that enables the search, animation, and mapping of data to images in multiple formats. This application allows users to mark-up graphics with components, sequence them, animate them, and create interfaces to manage and interact with data. This multi-faceted tool can be used to visually drill down on deeply complex schematics and add informational context for the smallest of elements as the end-user requires. Currently, this content enhancement feature of proprietary Altomics Datamation images permits a key management system and search feature to operate within the classification and organization of relational image analysis.